Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday: Brittany

Today in Coque, we visited a family of a single mom and 9 children. We planned on telling the family about Jesus Christ, but much to our surprise we left feeling more encouraged by her faith in Jesus Christ. The Cunninghams and Hunnicutts were able to witness a Brazilian sensation singer in this home. Zoaria the mother we visited, her daughter encouraged us so much through the gift of song God clearly has given her. We as a team have seen all week that this community desperately needs a church that is welcoming to anyone.

After meeting this family we see that this is evident. Zoaria’s family was ridiculed and humiliated in front of their entire church several years  ago, and haven’t returned to church since. We were so encouraged by this family, although they were not an active member in a church they were a family that completely admitted believing in Jesus Christ living in their lives. Zoaria said, “Even though we don’t have a building to worship in, we know Christ lives in our hearts and we can worship him anywhere.” Her words were such a good reminder to all of us that God doesn’t reside in a building, but He lives in our hearts and we can worship Him anywhere.

Those of you back home praying, please pray that God will rise up someone who will plant a church here in Coque , and they will have a pastor and leadership that love these people.  -- Brittany

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