Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday: Liz

Good evening, good afternoon or good morning to those of you reading,

                This morning we were at Kid’s Place and today we got to have praise and worship time with the kids. It was so much fun! The kids were so excited and energetic, it was a joy to watch and listen to them praise our Creator. Since today was our second day many of the kids remembered us from yesterday and it was so fun to greet them in the morning with hugs and high fives, they are such precious children and I think it is safe to say we have all fallen in love with them.

                After lunch and some time for the men to share with some of the boys from Coque we headed out to a spot to play soccer, hoping to draw a crowd so that we could share the gospel. While some started a soccer game with those that stopped by some of the women painted the nails of the girls who came by that didn’t want to play soccer. It was such an opportunity to not only love on the girls but gave a great way to talk about Jesus. Many of us realized shortly after arriving that a soccer game can accomplish so much! After a little while we had a crowd and there were many opportunities to share about Jesus and there were many professions of faith made! To God be all the Glory! During this time one of my teammates, Heather, and I got the opportunity to share with a girl named Layssa. She told us she was familiar with the story of Jesus but was not sure she had heard the whole thing and had not accepted Jesus as her savior. After presenting the gospel to her we asked her if she would like to pray with us and accept Jesus as her savior and she said YES! We now have a new sister in Christ and that is so exciting! It is a blessing to be able to be present when a child of God makes a decision that changes their eternity. Please pray for Layssa and her family and that she would be able to grow in her faith. There were several professions of faith tonight and I pray you get the opportunity to hear about them in the days and weeks to come.

                I want to also say that I am so thankful for our translators. I am not fluent in the language at all and it is so wonderful to have wonderful translators who have been willing to give up their time to help us and don’t mind when five of us are trying to get just one of them to come help us at the same time. They are so humble and willing to be used by the Lord and it is a huge blessing. Please pray for our translators and that they would be finding rest and encouragement during this week especially because many are in school and studying for exams at this time.

                A big prayer for Coque is that there would be a church home and pastor to minister to the people here. for them. There are so many things that can trap and lead astray those that are believers here and they need a shepherd to lead them and help them grow in their faith.
                Thank you for praying for us!
                                Elizabeth Truss

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Anonymous said...

Our God is a mighty God!
I will be praying that God will provide a pastor and church home to help the believers in Coque grow strong in the Lord.