Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, Kids Place

Day One at Kid's Place (KP) is in the books!  Josh here.  We'll have guest bloggers starting in the morning, but I wanted to get a post up as soon as I could!

Most of us got a great evening of much needed rest.  Our family slept for 11 hours!

Our morning started with devotionals on the balcony of the hotel.  Great time of worship and focus before heading to KP.  We arrived in time to greet the kids as they came in for breakfast.  We had our first example of being flexible, when it turned out that they had Judo lessons today!  Ha.  So, we interrupted our lessons for a bit and took them downstairs for a Judo show.  It was actually pretty cool.

In the afternoon, we got our first taste of the Coque favela.  We split into four groups and visited four families that have children at KP.  I got to join one of the groups and saw three of our team members share the gospel to different groups.  Three people prayed to receive Christ!  Praise God. Several other teams got to share the gospel as well and at least one other person prayed to receive Christ. They will be connected with Kids' Place ministry, and we are praying for a church to be planted in Coque soon.

After we returned, we got together as a team and listened to praise reports from team members about their time in Coque.  Although each team had a different experience, the reports were all positive.

Tomorrow, we will spend the morning at KP and then spend the afternoon playing soccer in the favela as a vehicle for sharing the gospel.  Please pray for our safety as we play and for our testimonies to be bold.  Pray that many would come to know Christ.

We appreciate your continued prayers.  They are definitely felt.


Christe said...

Praying! Hope the entire team enjoys the beauty of Brazil and the beauty of sharing the gospel!

ddb said...

Great report! Do not grow weary of well doing!