Sunday, July 18, 2010



Back safe and sound!

Well...we made it back safe and sound this morning around 12:30. After a while collecting all our luggage (yup, it all made it back), we said our good byes and headed home for the comfort of our own beds. It sure was nice to be able to open our mouths in the shower this morning. Our team this year was incredible. We had a great mix of kids, teens, and adults. Everyone proved to be a unique, and valuable addition to the team. It was cool to see how God used each person this week. Just to recap, the team for the summer trip was as follows (from left to right in the pic at the top of the page): Bella Shope, Sophie Duwe, and Pace Warren (second Row) Cruz Shope, Kennedy Castor, Laura Scarborough, Eden Ashley, Taylor Huse, & Sheri Wickman; (Third Row) Elizabeth Burdine, Rachel Shope, Teri Decker, Ginny Smith, Emily Warren, Colin Wickman, Parker Warren, & Gibson Duwe; (Last row) Landry Burdine, Michael Duwe, Daniel Stockman, Jon Castor, & Jared Shope

The trip ended on several emotional notes. After the incredible night we had Thursday night, where an amazing number of the teens made decisions for Christ, we anticipated that Friday would be a little easier on the emotions. We were wrong. The Brazilian teens were truly moved this week and their emotions were running high. Ours were as well, especially after an emotional feet washing ceremony. We can't put into words what the Brazilian volunteers and pastors mean to these kids. Most of the kids were driven home after camp by their pastors. For all of you who supported this trip, rest assured that these children are not being thrown back to the wolves after a mountain-top experience. They will have a shepherd with them to guide them through the process. Our prayer is that these children will become leaders in their favellas, and voices of change. After this week, they know, without a doubt, that their lives have value, that Christ loves them, and that there are thousands of people in the United States that care enough about them to send them to camp for a week. Trust us when we tell you that it means the world to them. I've never seen a more greatful group of teens. So appreciative of the opportunity that all the supporters of this trip provided them. They were wide-eyed when they arrived, and purposeful when they left. Praise God for that and for the difference you have all made in the lives of these beautiful and precious children. Please continue to pray for them and the missionaries that have dedicated their lives to supporting them. They cannot do it without you.

Thanks so much...Brazil summer team 2010

(p.s. we'll have a few follow up posts with some great pics and videos for you to enjoy. Some funny, some emotional...which will capture this trip perfectly!!) Tchau...ate logo!!