Saturday, June 21, 2008

We Have Arrived!

All 36 of us arrived in Recife, Brazil at 6:00pm today; healthy and mostly happy. Ten hours on a packed flight with nowhere to move can make a person cranky! BUT, that won´t stop this team. After 26 hours of travel; hot showers, pizza, and team bonding on the beach got us ready to start our missions experience here in Brazil.
We had a first-time flyer with us, and tension was high as we started to take off. Even though everyone was watching.. with a big smile, and a slightly red face, he earned his wings with flying colors!
The flight here was pleasantly uneventful, with no major delays or luggage lost. Everyone is tired, and ready to get our first good nights rest.
Goodnight! God bless. Write more, and add pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Team Members of the June 2008 Trip

Mark, Noah, & Mickie Bliss, Melissa Clay, Denise & Rachel Csatari, Mike Darrow, Sarah DeKoninck, Megan Gill, Rick & Alecia Hinston, Darril & Marie Holden, Tom & Julia Lampert, Darcy Leyder, Andrea & Mary Martinovich, Bob & Ilene McMann , Colton Morozow, Craig Poston, Marcel Provenzola, Rob Quinn, Robin Reese, Michael Reffitt, Jessica Sloan, Morgan Sweeney, Gildo & David Tori, Larry & Ruth Tregoning, Kara Ussery, Kerri Yarber, Alyssa & Sam Zantello