Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pea Lasagna with special sauce?

Pastor Josue is the man!!


this is the hardened, drug kingpin that just led a bunch of kids to Christ...amazing night!!

Brazil shirts are cheap after World cup loss

Kids Kamp T Shirts travel 6,000 miles!!

Brazil Night...In Brasil

Tonight we had the special, and somewhat odd-themed Brazil night, right here in Brazil. All the Brazilians and Americans donned their finest yellow, blue and green attire for the evenings festivities. The pics that are included in this post are pretty much self explanatory. It was a great, fun night. The closest thing we've had to a disaster is when Jon Castor left his Iphone on the soccer field. Some of the Brazilian kids found it and turned it into our team. After we let Jon walk around in the rain for awhile, we fessed up and told him we had it. Sorry 'bout that Castor. Also, we had a visit from the King...the Burger King that is.

This was the last night of camp. On this night, the kids are presented with the opportunity to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. It's an amazing evening. The speaker tonight was a former high-level drug dealer in one of the most violent favellas in Rio De Janeiro. His testimony is incredible. The largest favellas in Rio are some of the most violent, dangerous, drug-infested areas on earth. This man was at the top of the criminal food chain and headed for a life of depravity and disaster. Once he was in, there was no getting out...without God. The kids in the room were locked into his every word. The traficantes (drug dealers) in the slums are the law...they recruit the young kids with the promise of money and security. The kids in the chapel are exposed to this kind of pressure every day. This man lived it and lived to tell about it...all by the Grace of God. At the end of his testimony, he gave the kids an opportunity to accept Christ. The response and the overflowing of emotion was incredible. Kids that wouldn't dare crack a smile at the beginning of the week, had removed the walls and were weeping and hugging each other...celebrating the decision they had made to follow Christ. What an amazing God we serve, and what an amazing night.

To all those that supported others to go on this trip...thank you. We hope that you know that your prayers and financial support have directly impacted the lives of over 150 kids that before this week, had very little hope. Now they have Jesus...and we're all witnesses.

We will say goodbye to the kids tomorrow and head into Recife to relax before the long flight home on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

We have seen the King

We have seen the light - or atleast the king, and not the King we are telling folks about down here. Last night was crazy wacky night, or something of the sorts, and the Burger King man made appearances at Camp. Who knew.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Dog Anyone?

VFC Shopping Spree

Sophie, Bella, Pace, 4 Brazilians & 2 Red Necks

We are ...REDNECKS.

Ay yay yay. Last night we held a little get together called redneck night. This is when the Americanos dress up like Wally Nascar and the Brazillians dress up as they perceive us. Ironically,as ridiculous as they looked, if I didn't know any better I'd have thought a few of our friends had shown up. These are same good folks that dropped some coinage to fund this little shindig. Fun stuff.

As for today, A Christmas in July of sorts was held in the cafeteria at camp. As a result of many of our kind friends who not only donated money and prayers, they also donated loads and loads of shoes, hats, shirts , dresses and various other clothes.The beauty being when the kids walk in starry eyed and pick out ten items of what we thought was castaway clothing. They meticulously sort through each item looking for the perfect concoction of clothing, and they don't just take something to have it. Clearly, not all of them were impressed with what we brought or the goodstuff was already taken. They are perfectly fine passing if it wasn't an item they would use often. SO, a big thanks for those of you that sent clothing and created one of the most remarkable moments I have ever experienced. For that I am thankful.

On another note, some of the clothing was downright silly and made me a little embarrased to see them wearing it. The sad thing is when I realized it was the clothing from my own personal closet. (not really but don't now want to come across as unthankful.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brazilian Chicken Dance?

The brilliance of this place is the absolute similarity to "island time." Hurry hurry so we can get ready, only to wait and wonder for the next hour or two what we are waiting around for. That being said, maybe that is exactly what we are supposed to be learning. I and maybe you are constantly running from one event to the next, whether it be work related, sports activities, work out, you name it, and when you get to this place it controls you , not the other way around. We have to learn patience and to not rush everything all the time. The Brazilians make deep friendships in ways that are really so practical ie. odd games, conversation with lots of pointing, lip reading and futbol(soccer). Perhaps its because when you have so little, as it appears many of them do, you learn the value of making friendships, and easier ways to do so.

Today we learned a multitude of things, first off being, you need buns to complete a hamburger. More importantly, we discovered a combination of the Mexican chicken dance, the hokey pokey and a shot of twist and shout, all the while getting lower and lower, and at times trying to hide from how foolish we looked, or I looked. It is composed of running in circles, big circles, skipping, jumping, thrashing the lambada and just an all out workout that I swear we could sell for 19.99, albeit with no commission being paid to Billy Blanks. A blast to say the least and definitely something that puts any quincinera to shame. Anyhow, everybody is safe and healthy, making friends, learning a little patience and having the time of our lives. So until tomorrow, sleep well.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Brazil Summer Camp Here We Come!!!

Boa Tarde friends and family!

Our team has made it safely to Aldeia, the small town outside of Recife, where camp is held and we will be spending our week. Thank you for your prayers. Our travel went smoothly and we arrived with all 30 bags that were filled to the brim with the wonderful donations you generously gave.

Pastor Lecio greeted us at the airport and took us immediately to Kids Place where we were reunited with old friends. The kids are doing great. Learning English and speaking it very well. Many of them came up to us eagerly saying, "Hello, my name is...". So good to see them thriving and God's faithful hand on this wondeful ministry. Then we were treated to a Capoeira performance by a local group. This is the form of martial arts that is disquised with dance and is very popular in Brazilian culture.

After being served a delicious lunch by the sweet cooks, our team split up. The new people to the trip went with Lecio and Alexandre into the Coque favella. There they visited with mothers and children who are being ministered to from Kids Place. As always, the Brazilians greeted the Americans warmly.

The veterans of the group stayed behind at Kids Place, unpacking loads of clothes, setting up chairs and then playing a little soccer.

We've unloaded at the hotel and have a couple of hours before we head to camp for orientation. We are looking forward to meeting all of the volunteers and staff who we will be serving alongside this week. The word is out and about 70 people have volunteered to give their time and service this week to serve these very special teens. We are expecting 150 of them from various favellas and churches around Recife.

Please continue to pray for us as we meet the staff, volunteers and teens. We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us at summer camp in Brazil.

Summer Camp Team 2010