Thursday, July 30, 2009


We apologise for the lack of posts this trip, we've had very little internet connection. Time has also been short with our tight schedule. We are very greatful for your prayers. It is truely amazing how God works through our friends and family.
Tonight (Thursday) was the last full day of camp. Although it is heartbreaking, it is comforting knowing that 167 kids were loved, fed, encouraged, and safe this week. Their heavy, hard hearts were softened and color truely started to come back to their faces. 2/3 of the population of the kids at camp came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior tonight. Many were on their faces, crying, or singing to the loudest of the their ability. It was truely a beautiful sight. This trip has not only changed these kids lives, but has transformed ours. No matter how many times we go on this trip, the outcome always varies, and the discipline God has in store for us is always unique and different.
Again, thank you for your prayers. We cannot wait to post pictures, videos, and testimonies once we have found the time. I hope everyone is well, and again, continue to pray for us. Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day of camp. We pray that God leaves His mark on those childrens hearts. Not only a mark, but a sincere transformation.

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day at Camp!

Hello everyone,

After getting a good nights rest, we headed out to our first day of camp today. It was amazing to see the joy in the children's faces as they arrived. We have 167 kids, that's the most that have ever been to this camp! The kids are so sweet, and get really excited about everything. At lunch, they ate, and ate, and ate. They rarely get to eat until they are full. It was emotional and humbling to see such urgancy for food.
We had three awesome worship services with them today. We danced, screamed, sang, went "crazy" together, and it was incredible! Althouh Lecio (the pastor) spoke in portuguese during the entire service, the message didn't lose it's impact on us. It just proves that God's unity goes passed language barriers.
We were involved in various other activities such as a balloon party, dress up, hide and go seek in the jungle, and "throw-the-American's-in-the-pool." The children had a blast and we can tell that they are very excited and greatful to be here at the camp. Our prayers have been answered, for the children are not only kind, but soft hearted. Please continue to pray that many children will come to Christ and spread His love to their family and friends. Every soul counts :) We are very confident in God's plan and it is going great. Pray for our health and faith. We love everyone!

Thank you very much for your prayers! We will update tomorrow and hopefully post some pictures!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello everyone,
(Sorry we haven't been updating, we haven't had internet connection until now)
We just want update you on the mission trip to Brazil. We have safely made it to Brazil at 9:30 on Saturday morning, praise God! We relaxed at the hotel for the afternoon to recooperate from our previous travels. At 6:00 PM we had a team meeting, followed by a visit to the camp facilities that we will be working at all next week. We had an amazing worship service with the Brazilian translaters and friends. Near the conclusion of our visit, we "reenacted" John 13, which teaches us to be humble, and to have a servent's heart. So we washed the feet of the new staff members at the camp, and prayed for them. Jesus Christ humbled Himself before His disciples, and washed their feet. We should also do this for one another.

Today we will be going to the favellas, or the slums. Please pray for our safty.
Also, please continue to pray for all the volunteers, missionaries, staff members at the camp, and please pray for our team. But, most of all please pray that God will be glorifed this week.
Thanks so much for your prayers, we love and miss you!! We'll keep you updated!