Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday, August 5, Evening Blog

The morning began with long a gentle rain, much needed seeing as our host church collects the water for us to wash our hands with. Praise God, because rain was but a quick prayer yesterday, and an answered one today, twice.

We met as a group to read the word of God and commit our day to Him. We continue to ask for boldness, to share His love and truth, the joy of His salvation.

Day 1 at VBS, Brittany taught for our classroom. We have the youngest kids, and such an awesome co-teacher. Our translator, Yohanna, visited Texas and it's so fun to hear her speak English. She reminds me of a friend back home. The kids are sweet and listen vey well. I'm teaching tomorrow about how we are called to love others.

Answered Prayers: For our bus driver, that the schedule at kid's place would work out, for our translators to have their voices, that the teachers would be empowered to share God's word, for safety as we travel, for unity & peace among our team, that we would have opportunity to share the story of God's salvation, that we would speak up when God shows us those opportunities. . .  & more.

Being in a different place comes with its own unique challenges & I am thankful for how God helps us move past them and learn from these things. Specifically I am thankful for God's sufficient grace; it's enough. God has enough grace for me to be in a different bed, eat different food, spend my hours differently, wear different shoes, and have different family for the week. I am grateful for God's heart for the nations and that He has shared this desire with His people.

Remind me when we get back to tell you about 'soccer under the bridge' and the glitter fest we had with the kids and about the friend I met!

Deus e fiel. God is faithful.

love you mom & dad : ]

- Ammie Drummond

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